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We service the great Willamette Valley
as well as the Coastal areas. 

Northwest Duct Services works with:
                                                                                General Contractors      Home Owners 
                                                                                Sub Contractors         Non-Profit Organizations
                                                                                Apartment Complex    Restoration Companies
                                                                                Real Estate Agencies     Property Managements
  1. 10 Yrs
  2. 24,000
    HRS Experience
  1. Air Ducts
    Air Ducts
    We clean all the dust collected in your air vents that has accumulated throughout the years, including the returns which is the pre-filtered air.
  2. Dryer Vents
    Dryer Vents
    Dryer Vents are generally over looked and could potentially start a fire.
  3. Installs/ Repairs
    Installs/ Repairs
    Over the years your ducts have natural wear and tear and can increase your heating bill. We can install and repair your duct work